Here’s what you need to know about us:

  1. We love food
  2. We will go anywhere you send us
  3. You can trust our palette.

We’re a food obsessed couple from Yorkshire who love to travel and wanted to create a blog to review our food experiences. As I’m sure you’re all thinking, that’s all been done before, so here’s the twist…. it’s down to you what food we review.

What’s that place you’ve always wondered about but never been? What’s that weird delicacy you’ve never dared to try? Trying to pick the perfect restaurant to take your in-laws? Forget pretentious food critic reviews, we’ll give you the real, honest, relatable reviews you can trust.

Oh… and there’s one other factor. Lewis is intolerant to eeeverything! By everything we mean wheat, dairy, soy, egg, chilli and citrus… which, you know, throws a bit of a spanner in the works. So we will also use the blog to find, promote and review restaurants that specially cater for those with intolerances. Don’t fear though, he can take tablets when necessary which allow him to eat anything and not react (thank the lord), so nowhere is off the table!

We’ll also give our best bites of the week to keep your diet varied and your tummy happy.

Happy Reading!


Lindsey & Lewis