Belgrave Music Hall

So we went to the widely respected and loved Belgrave Music Hall (our local funky diner/bar/disco hall/venue for Attenborough enthusiasts/you get the idea…..) with the intention of writing another review. Which we will, but just a heads up, things didn’t quite turn out as planned. Now you’ve probably gathered by now that going for meals isn’t the easiest for Lewis, especially when you go to a restaurant that only sells burgers, loaded fries and pizza, but we gave it a go and this is where we ended up…


Sure, we could have gone somewhere else, but this place has a great ‘vibe’ (yes we used that word) and always offers a chilled and enjoyable experience. It has that unfinished effect, which when pulled off, looks groovy as hell. Partly painted, tiled, mdf and bare brick walls, black floor, wooden benches and the most wonderful vintage sofas – the latter of which we stayed firmly cemented to for the duration of our visit. We were perfectly content in our surroundings with a glass of wine and a pint of cider, we weren’t planning to move any time soon.


So, time for the food. Lindsey ordered the sharing loaded fries (obviously with no intention of sharing). These twice cooked beauties were topped with pancetta, pecorino, fried rosemary, pickled chillies, sriracha mayo and rosemary sea salt. Lewis also ordered loaded fries but explained all his intolerance’s, so asked for a concoction to be made that he could eat – ie. fries topped with burger patty, pancetta, peppers etc. All was good, or so we thought.

Basically, we think there had been a simple misunderstanding as Lewis’s loaded fries, well, weren’t loaded fries at all. More just fries with a beef patty on the side. Not the most interesting meal for him. But these things happen, no one’s to blame we’re sure.


Lindsey’s fries on the other hand were pretty scrummy. They could have been a tad more generous with the pancetta, 6 tiny pieces for a sharing portion of fries is a little mean in our opinion, but the fries themselves were cooked to perfection. So crispy on the outside with the ideal amount of soft fluffy potato in the middle. Mwah! Delicious! Plus the rosemary seasoning, pancetta and pecorino added a lovely salty flavour to the fries, which was harmoniously counteracted out by the sriracha mayo. Whilst Lindsey tends to opt for loaded fries that are overflowing with meat, she certainly would order these again.

As for the burger creations we can’t really comment. But as far as Lewis’s patty was concerned, there was no complaints there.


Belgrave also sell a range of pizzas by the slice which Lindsey highly recommends, freshly cooked throughout the day, these pizzas are available in a range of flavours for all palettes to enjoy. They really are the perfect light bite when you’re not wanting a full meal. Its brings a classic New York pizza slice feel to the much loved (or hated) city of Leeds.

If you ever find yourself there for a day of shopping, evening gig or messy night out we suggest you stop by Belgrave; enjoy the lovely drinks and cocktails on offer as well as the Festivalesque street food they have to offer.

Thanks for reading!

Linds & Lew



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