2018 Food trends: the ones that took off and the ones that well… didn’t

With 2018 nearing an end we thought we’d analyse the 2018 food trends – the ones that made it and the ones that didn’t quite hit the mark *cough* mushroom coffee *cough*.

Let’s start off with Hawaiian food

I think we can all agree the Hawaiian poke bowl has swept the nation, turning from a rarity to the staple diet of health fanatics. Flooded on instagram are pictures of bowls filled with rice, fish for the meat eaters / pescatarians and an array of veg. Simple enough concept, customisable to each individual’s palette and cheap – unless you have your heart set on Caviar or Wagyu beef. Let’s face it, you can’t really go wrong!


Now in November 2017 Waitrose made the prediction that Brits would be eating algae in 2018… we can tell you, we are not. This was part of their prediction that the plant-based proteins trend would continue to grow, which it did. Soy, yes. Beans, yes. Pulses, yes. But algae, really?! Come on now.

They even said it would be on their shelves in 2018… (it’s not). I think it’s fair to say they got a bit carried away with that prediction.


Definitely one for the vegetarians and vegans, this unusual South American fruit has taken off as the perfect replacement for pulled pork – both in look and taste. How this unusual looking yellow fruit can go from being sweet and juicy when raw but resemble pulled pork when cooked still baffles me, but it certainly does the job, especially when smothered in BBQ sauce.

Sizzling Egg Crepes

We’re not exactly saying sizzling egg crepes have taken over the world, but we certainly have seen more street food stalls selling these eggy treats. Now we have to be honest, we haven’t tried any from the vendors in the UK, but we did try them in their origin country of Vietnam and hand on heart, they are delicious! If you’ve not heard of these, they’re basically pancakes made with egg, fried until crispy and filled with pork, shrimp, beansprouts, onions… or something along those lines. They take savoury crepes to a whole new (and actually worth eating) level.

Now the one you’ve all been waiting for… mushroom, that’s MUSHROOM coffee

If you haven’t tried it, mushroom coffee is one life’s true pleasures, every sip is better than the last, every droplet bestowing pure pleasure, every… nahhhh we’re just messing, we ain’t tried that nonsense! We’re sorry, but making an extract from liquefying and drying mushrooms and then putting it into your coffee is not right. We don’t care what the health benefits ‘supposedly’ are, we have no intention of trying it. And as far as we can tell, the rest of the country agrees with us. 2018 food trend… lol.

For anyone who hasn’t tried them already though, bring yourself into 2018 before it ends and try out a Hawaiian poke bowl, jackfruit, and our favourite, the sizzling Hawaiian crepe.

Thanks for Reading!

Linds & Lew



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