Om Burger

To start we’ll just mention that although both having similar names ‘Om Burger’ and ‘Om Is Where The Heart Is’, they are actually two completely unrelated companies, and that being said a fair few miles apart……

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We’re talking Indonesia – UK kind of far apart. This lovely little establishment resides in Uluwatu, Bali just around the corner from one (of many) stunning beach you may know as Padang Padang. To put it simply these guys, create super food, no it doesn’t fly off your plate or swing from the ceiling, instead it uses all ‘super’ ingredients pumped full of the body loving nutrients you need. But wait there’s more?

If meat is what you’re after, you have a choice of the typical stunning ground beef burgers, chicken or wagyu steak if you feel like splashing the cash, however they also offer a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options if that’s what your more thing. Now if you’re like Lewis (fortunately for you you’re probably not, but if you are) you’ll struggle to eat almost any food, especially bread, so burgers kind of took a dive out of his diet. Amazingly though, the guys at Om burger not only create superfood in the style of beetroot chips (and yes they are bright purple) and gorgeous sauces including a spicy salsa, guacamole, BBQ sauce and a delicious basil pesto that Lindsey tried (muchos fantastico), but they make buns out a selection of healthy ingredients including spinach, avocado, beetroot and black or yellow sticky rice – we both opted for the later. It’s fair to say Lewis was overjoyed that for once he could enjoy a delicious burger and actually eat the bun!

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With so much choice you could go back to Om burger 10 times over and still have so many more concoctions you’re desperate to try. Unfortunately it’s, well, it’s a tiny bit a trek from Leeds shall we say, otherwise we’d have been back plenty. The flavours match the vibrancy of the meal and it felt appealing to eat something so beautiful on the plate, but at the same time as though you were destroying a piece of art! (Believe me, you struggle to eat a sticky rice bun without making a mess!)

When you’re sat overlooking the gorgeous Indonesian landscape, hearing the smooth sound of the waves and tucking in to a unique and delightful treat it’s hard not to say that this place ticks every box.

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Writing this blog made us think though, there’s no reason for us not to try this at home. Burgers (tick), rice (tick), ingredients for homemade pesto (tick)… think we’ve got a gluten, dairy, soy and egg free burger to make. ( *cough* Lindsey’s having cheese *cough*). Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s still a great way to jazz up your burger, and make it healthy without having a ‘lettuce bun’… who’d have thought it was possible!

Stay tuned… a post on our version of an Om Burger will be coming very soon! Hopefully it won’t be a disaster haha.

However, if you’re like us and you’re making the step to go travelling and happen to stop by Uluwatu we highly recommend you try Om Burger just for the experience if anything! Below is a link to their Facebook page which includes the address, just a short walk/scooter up from Padang Padang beach (as seen above).

Thanks for Reading!

Linds & Lew



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